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Answers to common questions we receive.  Feel free to email us at any time with additional questions to team@promptsmart.com.  We will be updating this page periodically as we get additional feedback.

Last updated: June 19, 2016

PromptSmart Pro and Lite support the English language.

PromptSmart ESP supports Spanish.

El idioma espanol esta soportado en PromptSmart ESP.

Nuestra pagina web en espanol esta en construccion.

VoiceTrack is supported on iPhone versions 5+ and iPad version 2+, in both portrait and landscape mode. And while VoiceTrack is supported for portrait orientation on even the smaller-screened phones like the iPhone 5, it is optimized for best performance when set to the landscape orientation. This is particularly true when the font sizes are at the largest setting.

Scripts are fully written-out speeches, Notecards are more synthesized key points (potentially an outline) of a speech. 

Scripts and notecards are treated differently in PromptSmart, as there is functionality that is specific to each. For example, Scripts have various scroll options (including VoiceTrack™), and Notecards have functionality to delineate and rearrange the digital notecards.

Yes, you can choose font, font size and color. Notecards go one step further and support rich text editing.

Yes, you can seamlessly import .docx and .txt files from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.  

Also, "copy to PromptSmart" directly from within the Gmail and generic Mail apps on iOS.  

There is a current bug that has eliminated the ability to log out of a cloud service once you're logged in. We are working on re-enabling this function ASAP.

Yes!  PromptSmart now offers both audio and video recording capabilities.  

Video recording offers a number of options including camera type (front or rear-facing), orientation (portrait or landscape),and resolution (i.e. 480p, 720p or 1080p depending on your device).  

All files save into the Recording Library which is accessible from the PromptSmart homescreen.  Videos also save directly to your camera roll in a folder called PromptSmart.

You can also upload your recordings directly from the app to Google Drive, One Drive, Box, DropBox or export to other services which link up with your camera roll. 

No, since PromptSmart does not require an internet connection, you can use it anywhere (just be sure to download any needed files before you go off the grid!).

Yes!  We have a built-in mirroring function that lets you use teleprompter glass.  To use, select the option in the script settings menu then place your device beneath the glass with the text at the bottom of the screen lined up with the bottom of the glass.

VoiceTrack™ is a complex voice recognition system. It listens to your voice and matches the words you say to the text in your speech. As you can imagine, VoiceTrack™ needs to hear your voice to work properly. Here are the strategies we’ve found work best:


Text formatting guidelines: Eliminate blank and excess lines (unless you are using the "Blank lines" feature)

  • Remove any blank lines, double spacing, and extra carriage returns. VoiceTrack scrolling does not automatically scroll through blank lines.  By removing extra spaces throughout your speech, you’ll increase VoiceTrack’s performance significantly.
  • When using lists in your speech (e.g. 1, 2, 3) format them as a paragraph rather than a bulleted list using multiple lines.
  • Eliminate large line gaps for transitions between key sections.  Instead, try inserting a symbol or a recognizable word at the beginning of the new section, but keep lines filled with words.
  • Include all words you will say in the script
  • VoiceTrack requires 3-4 spoken words to accurately scroll.  Any given area of screen with fewer than 3-4 words may not scroll.

Text size and orientation guidelines: Use landscape and smaller fonts

  • Use landscape mode, which enables more words to appear on the screen and helps improve VoiceTrack accuracy. To use landscape mode, simply rotate your iPad or iPhone as you would with any other app.
  • Consider using smaller font sizes – similar to landscape mode, smaller fonts allow more words to appear on the screen and can help with VoiceTrack.
  • We have recently increased font sizes, and smaller devices (like the iPhone 5) may not work optimally for the largest font size(s)

Optimal environment guidelines: Use in a quiet place

  • Limit ambient noise. For the iPad especially, a lot of extra noise reduces recognition accuracy. Use VoiceTrack™ in a relatively quiet environment. If ambient noise is unavoidable, you may want to consider using an external mic. There are a number of cheap mics ($2-$4) that work very well with the iPad and/or iPhone.
  • PromptSmart is compatible with BlueTooth microphones
  • Turn off the music. Music shares very similar characteristics to voice and can confuse VoiceTrack – even if it’s in the background.

Make sure VoiceTrack can hear your words: Speak clearly and be mindful of the device’s microphone

  • Do not speak during the "loading" period - At this time, VoiceTrack is surveying the ambient noise to filter out as much as possible.  If you speak during this period, it will try to suppress your voice as well. 
  • Enunciate your words and project your voice. If you speak clearly, VoiceTrack will have an easier time deciphering your speech thereby improving recognition. Projecting need not mean speaking loudly: Instead, think of whispering so that someone across the room can hear you.
  • The iPad and/or iPhone microphone should be unobstructed and/or facing you. In the case of the iPad, the mic is poorly placed on the back of the device, so ensuring that it is not blocked will help make sure the app is picking up all of the words you're saying.  Laying the iPad on a flat surface and removing the cover helps too (avoids muffling the sound).

We care about our users very much and want to make sure you have a great experience using our product. Email us any time at team@promptsmart.com with any questions or concerns and we will do our best to assist.

Please note: We operate during Eastern Time (ET) waking hours.

No, however some users may find microphones and/or iPad stands helpful.

If readable text is “book-ended” by blank lines or stage directions, and that readable text is three words or less, VoiceTrack may not be able to recognize it. Example:

<stage direction>

<Line:> Hi there!

<stage direction>

 We recommend manual scrolling if possible in these instances. As an additional fix, we are soon releasing a remote control as a companion to our speakers in those rare instances when VoiceTrack cannot read a voice sample. 

Yes!  PromptSmart does support the use of Bluetooth headsets/microphones to assist with audio input to your device.  This lets you use VoiceTrack more reliably when you are more than a couple feet from your device.  

Note1 : Bluetooth headset/microphones are not compatible with video recording due to an iOS limitation. For videos, please use a dedicated audio line to your iPhone/iPad from a wired microphone.

Note 2: We do not yet support the operation of bluetooth keyboards or bluetooth sync with another iOS device (i.e. using your iPhone to control your iPad).