Speak Easy. Prompt Smart.


so you can be your best

Explore below all of the features of our new app.  Click the + sign to expand for more detailed information.

  • Scripts for more formal deliveries with fully written speeches.
  • Notecards if you prefer to keep key points and structure with you, instead of a fully written text.

PromptSmart will follow your voice, adjusting scroll speed according to your actual pace and position in the text.

  • Keeps your place if you go off script (e.g. to take a question, or ad-lib).
  • No calibration required, just works automatically.
  • No internet/ data connection required, VoiceTrack™ works directly on your device so you don’t have to worry about reception.
  • If you scroll to a different section of text (either before or after your current location), Voicetrack will automatically adjust to the new position 
  • Preset scroll speeds lets you set the words-per-minute pace; automatically adjusts to different text sizes and orientations so you don’t have to recalibrate.
  • Manual scroll lets you swipe up or down as you read for total control.
  • Remote Control - Connect your prompter app to another mobile device. The remote control supports scrolling one line at a time, tap-and-holding for smooth & continuous scrolling, and scrolling by gestures using our mirroring feature. See what your talent sees and move through the script remotely! An Extended Subscription is required to enable this feature; $1.99/mo and free to try for the first month.
  • 14 available fonts for scripts (61 for notecards) including many proven to be among the most legible.
  • 29 text color choices.
  • 6 text sizes (max 72pt for iPad 40pt iPhone)
  • Auto capitalize option (scripts only).
  • Background color: Choose from 29 different colors.
  • Indicator: Add an indicator on the side of the screen to help guide your eye.
  • Single/multiple line guides: Static areas of highlighted text to help keep you reading the correct line(s). Single highlights one line of text, multiple highlights three lines.
  • Remember script/notecard position: PromptSmart will keep your place if you navigate away from the speech or from the app while mid-speech.
  • Timer: stay on time with elapsed timer.
  • Audio/ Video recording: Record yourself as you give a presentation and upload the video to the cloud, or directly to another app/site via camera roll
  • Auto skip blank lines: Automatically scroll past blank lines in the script
  • Auto skip stage directions: Automatically scroll past unspoken words in the script that are in a specific textual format.
  • Fade to black on/off in presentation mode
  • Split text function allows you to choose the right content for each notecard.
  • Reorder function to (re)arrange the order of the notecards in the deck.
  • Notecard advance options include tap, double tap, or swipe.
  • Notecard counter: While presenting, PromptSmart indicates which notecard you are on.
  • Timer: Stay on time with elapsed timer.
  • In-app text editing for scripts and notecards.
  • Rich text editing for notecards.


  • Video recording setting which allows you to choose which camera (front or rear-facing), orientation (landscape or portrait), and resolution (480-720-1080p, depending on device and camera). Videos save as files in the app and on the camera roll
  • Audio recording option
  • Upload recordings to Google Drive, Box, DropBox, OneDrive, or via other services which link to camera roll (videos only).

  • Import .DOCX, .TXT, or .GDOC files from the cloud or from your email.
  • Supported cloud services: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and attachments via iOS Mail App
  • "Copy to PromptSmart" from the Gmail and Mail apps without needing to import
  • Create and modify file names.
  • Export/upload script and video files to Google Drive, One Drive, Box, or DropBox.