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Transform your device into a
voice-guided teleprompter

Our proprietary VoiceTrack™ voice recognition technology listens to your spoken words and then scrolls as you speak -- all without an internet connection. There's no "Siri"-like waiting for responses as your device finds a data connection.

It is also dynamic enough to keep on following you throughout your entire speech. If you emphasize a point and speak slowly, then VoiceTrack™ will slow down. If you hurry up through a passage, VoiceTrack™ will follow you. If you take a question or ad-lib a section, VoiceTrack™ will wait for you.

Because your voice is directly controlling the scrolling, you have complete command of your speech. This fact alone improves upon even traditional teleprompters where it’s easy to let the teleprompter set your pace, not the other way around.

The result is a remarkably intuitive and easy way to give speeches. PromptSmart is a professional video production tool that is widely used by youtube personalities, podcasters and audiobook creators, newscasters, and small business video marketers, just to name a few.


To optimize PromptSmart’s voice recognition capabilities, please follow these guidelines: 

(Last updated: February 26, 2018)

VoiceTrack™ is a complex voice recognition system. It listens to your voice and matches the words you say to the text in your speech. As you can imagine, VoiceTrack™ needs to hear your voice to work properly. Here are the strategies we’ve found work best:

In December of 2017 we released an updated version of VoiceTrack, version 2.0. This new version allows users to glide through numbered lists, bulleted lists, blank lines, or lines with only single words on them. The user experience of VoiceTrack 2.0 is optimized for the larger fonts (i.e., larger than the default font) and we also increased the largest available font size on iPad devices. The user experience and scrolling behavior can change depending on the script content, the screen size, the font, and the font size. We recommend mixing and matching these variables until you achieve a "sweet spot" that works for you.

A main feature of VoiceTrack 2.0 is that users no longer have to re-format documents to optimize VoiceTrack -- it's more of a plug-and-play feature that is versatile and saves you time. Occasionally when similar words or phrases appear in the script, VoiceTrack may skip forward. This can be mitigated by following the guidelines (below), by changing the repeated word to something different (if possible), or by adding a line break to move the similar phrases further away from each other on the screen.

Optimal speaking environment guidelines

  • Limit ambient noise. For the iPad especially, a lot of extra noise reduces recognition accuracy. Use VoiceTrack™ in a relatively quiet environment. If ambient noise is unavoidable, you may want to consider using an external mic, preferably a uni-directional mic that can pick up the speaker's voice and tune out the "noise".  Ensure that any microphone purchase is compatible with the particulars of your device.
  • Turn off the music. Music shares very similar characteristics to voice and can confuse VoiceTrack – even if it’s in the background.
  • Echoes are very disruptive and can negatively impact scrolling accuracy.

Make sure VoiceTrack can hear your words: Speak clearly and be mindful of the device’s microphone

  • Do not speak during the "loading" period - At this time, VoiceTrack is surveying the ambient noise to filter out as much as possible.  If you speak during this period, it will try to suppress your voice as well. 
  • Enunciate each syllable of every word and project your voice. If you speak clearly, VoiceTrack will have an easier time deciphering your speech thereby improving recognition. Projecting need not mean speaking loudly: Instead, think of whispering so that someone across the room can hear you.
  • The microphone should be unobstructed and/or facing you. Anything that covers the device may also cover the mic pick-up and muffle your voice. The accuracy of VoiceTrack scrolling is only as good as the input.
  • Distance to your device will limit recognition as most mobile devices, even large iPads, are designed to be hand-held.  If you need to use PromptSmart at a distance (more than 5' away), please use an external microphone.  For more information on microphone use, please see our blog post on the subject here.

Spell out numbers and symbols, eliminate non-spoken characters, check carefully for typos

  • For example, $1,000,000 should be displayed like so: "one million dollars"
  • Any other characters or symbols like & ("and") % ("percent"), or # ("hashtag") should be represented as spoken words. VoiceTrack can work around the symbols, but including them in your scripts will invite mistakes.
  • Any numbered lists should be read aloud. For example, if the speaker sees: 1. First item, it should be read like "One. First item." VoiceTrack 2.0 is flexible and can tolerate the speaker ignoring the number and saying "First item" only or if the talent says "number one," instead of "one," but these variances invite error and can contribute to scrolling hiccups.
  • Misspelled words or typos can cause scrolling errors because VoiceTrack is looking for something other than the speaker's delivered remark.



Enjoy the freedom and convenience of delivering
your speech with digital notecards

We know that many speakers prefer to have key points laid out but not a fully developed text. PromptSmart has developed the Notecard format for this very case. Instead of a scrolling through a complete script, we built a way to easily create digital notecards that you can cycle through as you give your speech.

You can easily download text, divide/delineate into notecards, and set optimum viewing parameters. Even better, notes are easily editable in rich text and can be rearranged to give you maximum flexibility.

PromptSmart gives you the best professional tools at the tips of your fingers so you can speak with ease and confidence.

Praise for PromptSmart

"PromptSmart is an ingenious app for any would-be public speaker." - TheiPhoneAppReview.com