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PromptSmart Studio Edition

PromptSmart Studio Edition

PromptSmart Studio Edition is available now! Try it risk free for 7 days!

PromptSmart Studio is a desktop teleprompter app and now it comes stock with our new iCast web console. With iCast you can edit content from the web on in the "Scripts" tab and it will appear in the Studio app (internet connection required). Copy for live broadcasts can be edited in real time (except for the current story being read). To immediately replace the content currently in the teleprompter, use the Breaking News function in the preview window (for further details please refer to the iCast User Guide).

Also Included in the Studio Bundle

With the Studio Edition of PromptSmart you can:

1. Push scripts to external windows (up to 180 pt font)
2. Maximize the window to fit your display
3. Mirror the display for use with a teleprompter rig
4. View prompter content from your computer in a 1-1 preview window
5. Control the script flow with the keyboard
6. Map longer scripts with cue points to quickly navigate in presentation mode
7. Segment scripts into rundowns with estimated speaking times pre-calculated

Interrupt live broadcasts with breaking news or urgent updates

Did you know?

  • You can use your tablet or phone as an extended display from your Windows computer? This enables you to control your tablet using the Studio Edition preview window on your laptop or desktop! We are not affiliated or in any way connected with these companies, just passing along information: Duet, Luna, Air Display from Avatron.
  • Mac Users: Pair any Mac running Catalina with any iPad Pro or an iPad (2018 or newer) as a wireless screen extension! 

Try Sidecar on Mac machines running PromptSmart Studio Ed. Try it risk free for 7 days!

Studio Edition has been Updated - July 2020

PromptSmart presents... iCast -- a document management platform for broadcast media. Ideal for virtual collaboration and remote working. With the iCast  web console you can:

  • View and edit scripts for use in all PromptSmart apps (mobile, desktop, and now on the web)
  • Drag and drop your content for easy uploading
  • Stores up to 20 versions of your document for peace of mind
  • Revisions push automatically with time and date stamp
  • Create speaker profiles to quickly apply font style and font size settings in all platforms (mobile and desktop)
  • Also in the July 2020 update to Studio, you can scroll the prompter with a pre-set speed instead of using VoiceTrack. There is a now screen selector for your prompter window and the app will remember the size of the prompter window when it re-loads.