PromptSmart Studio Edition

PromptSmart Studio Edition

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The PromptSmart Studio app is being designed with newsrooms and broadcast media in mind. We will be adding some organizational roles so that teams can collaborate on editing stories and then delivering them to your audience on time and on message.

We're committed to our customers and many of you have asked us to expand our revolutionary VoiceTrack scrolling system into a software product compatible with personal computers in the macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

This exciting new product is currently under development and we appreciate your patience while we build an amazing new app! Want to be a part of it? Reach out to us anytime here:

Beta is uNDERWay! Windows Only


As of May 16, 2019 PromptSmart is excited to announce that we have released our first beta version to a small group of testers on the Windows operating system only. We're very happy with the progress of the development and hope to come to market in Fall or Winter of 2019.

The Studio Edition will include some great new features that are only possible in the PC environment, along with cross-platform integrations with our mobile apps.  Exciting things are brewing here at PromptSmart! Stay tuned!

Promotions and Special Offers


Bookmark this page and check back later, as we will be releasing sneak peeks of the app in action and any limited-time promotions for our current customers will be revealed here as well, so don't miss out!