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PromptSmart Studio Edition

PromptSmart Studio Edition

PromptSmart Studio Edition is available now! Try it risk free for 7 days!

With the Studio Edition of PromptSmart you can:

1. Push scripts to external windows (up to 180 pt font)
2. Maximize the window to fit your display
3. Mirror the display for use with a teleprompter rig
4. View prompter content from your computer in a 1-1 preview window
5. Control the script flow with the keyboard
6. Map longer scripts with cue points to quickly navigate in presentation mode
7. Create rundowns that automatically re-populate your pre-created segments
8. Interrupt live broadcasts with breaking news or urgent updates


Also Included in the Studio Bundle

Your purchase of PromptSmart Studio entitles you to download the app onto your PCs, Macs, and Linux machines and it also will activate an Extended subscription in our mobile apps (both iOS and Android). All you will need to do is log into the Pro application on your iOS or Android device and your bundled Extended subscription will be enabled in our mobile teleprompter applications as well -- a $34.99/yr value!

Did you know?

  • You can use your tablet or phone as an extended display from your computer? This enables you to control the text flow from the Studio Edition preview window on your laptop or desktop! We are not affiliated or in any way connected with these companies, just passing along information: Duet, Luna, Air Display from Avatron.
  • When Apple releases Catalina/iOS 13 in fall of 2019, it will include a native screen extender from your Mac to an iPad or iPhone. Learn more about Apple Sidecar.

Coming soon...

An update to the Studio Edition product is almost ready. It will include a shortut to our Help Center in the app and also allow you to resize the prompter with the mouse, along with some other improvements and bug fixes. Visit to access it once it's released!

We are also working to unify our database to make a live connection between all of our app platforms so that your content will sync from desktop to mobile and soon on the web, too! We value our customers and continually invest in our products to enhance your experience.