PromptSmart Pro: Mobile Teleprompter App

Promptsmart Pro

PromptSmart is the only “smart” teleprompter app. Our patented VoiceTrack™ speech recognition technology is revolutionary because it provides a robust solution to automatically follow a speaker's voice in real time. 

Use PromptSmart to make your video productions more efficient. VoiceTrack™ is a powerful and smart tool that will automatically start and stop at the speaker's desired pace. Now you can focus on other production values and spend less time filming take after take trying to get the speed and timing to match with the speaker's cadence. Save time, energy, and keep your talent focused with PromptSmart.

Other teleprompter apps fall short because they rely on clunky hardware or pre-set scrolling speeds. We asked tens of thousands of users what they liked most about our prompter app, and over 90% of respondents said "VoiceTrack," calling it "awesome," "astonishing," "tremendous," “easy to use,” a “game changer”—“absolutely brilliant!!!” Our customers tell our story best -- and PromptSmart Pro is the highest rated and most frequently rated teleprompter app in the App Store.

PromptSmart is also an invaluable tool for anyone that engages in regular public speaking, like clergy, educators, politicians, or business leaders.

PromptSmart Pro 2.0 is available now! It includes:

  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Support for .PDF and .RTF file types
  • Color-code your words individually
  • iCloud document importing
  • Adjustable side margins
  • Fixing the text nearby to the front-facing camera to record selfie videos
  • Bulk delete your scripts and notecards
  • Smoother scrolling options via our companion remote app

Pictured: iCloud import user interface

Pictured: Truly customize your presentations with narrowed side margins and individual colors!

Promptsmart Lite

Promptsmart Pro

VoiceTrack automatic scrolling
Google Drive and .GDOC support
Cloud Import - Dropbox, OneDrive and Box
Supported File Types: .DOCX, .RTF, .GDOC, .PDF and .TXT
Digital Notecards
HD Video Recording
Mirror Invert text display
Adjust width of side margin
Fix display next to camera in "Selfie Mode"
Extended Subscription (optional)