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PromptSmart Remote Control: Companion App

PromptSmart Remote Control

PromptSmart Remote Control is a companion mobile app to PromptSmart Pro (Extended subscription or in-app-purchase is required).

The Remote Control has a mirroring feature, enabling you to view and re-position the teleprompter text from off-camera.

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The PromptSmart Remote Control can also smoothly scroll the prompter with a simple tap of your finger or tap-and-hold for continuous scrolling. In addition, you can start & stop your VoiceTrack presentations, and return to the beginning with a single finger tap.

Etstablish a connection between your mobile devices via WIFI connection (iOS and Android) or a mutual mobile hotspot (iOS only). The latter connection option provides you with unparalleled flexibility to have robust, mobile prompting capabilities at your disposal anywhere in the world that is covered by your preferred cellular data provider. To begin, simply sign into your Extended account on your prompter device and then download the remote app for free on any other compatible device.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that an iOS remote can only connect to an iOS prompter, and an Android remote can only connect to an Android prompter device running PromptSmart Pro.

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