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PromptSmart: A Truly Unique Brand

Our Story... Our company...

PromptSmart has completely revolutionized the market for teleprompter software by inventing a now-patented method of automated, VoiceTrack scrolling. The very concept of a voice-recognition based teleprompter did not exist until 2013, when Eric Sadkin, co-founder of PromptSmart, was a communications fellow at the Wharton School of Business. Eric immediately assembled a team of software development and speech-recognition experts to bring the idea to life in 2014. And thus PromptSmart was born! Since that time, PromptSmart has grown into an established brand that is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users.

PromptSmart remains an owner-managed business that is committed to our founding mission: empowering consumers and businesses alike with advanced technology to improve the human condition through better communication and the freedom of information on the internet. Your voice deserves to be heard and we take pride in offering an invaluable tool for DIY video producers, public speakers, and broadcast professionals.

We know you have choices and with PromptSmart, our difference is apparent in our patented VoiceTrack system, our friendly and helpful customer support, and in our relentless committment to improving our products based on customer feedback. It's our pleasure to be of service!

Promptsmart Products

Promptsmart Pro

Mobile teleprompter app for public speaking and video production.


Scrolls with your voice in 7 languages, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Italian, English, and Chinese (Mandarin).

Promptsmart Lite

A free app to try out VoiceTrack risk free.

Promptsmart Studio Edition

Professional product for recording studios. Manage your content and push scripts to external monitors.